Species Identification Guides

  1. A quick reference guide to some common invasive grasses in Central Florida (TNC)
  2. Distinguishing Native and Non-Native "Boston Ferns" and "Sword Ferns" (Nephrolepis spp.), UF/IFAS
  3. Recognition Cards: Invasive and non-native plants you should know, UF/IFAS or order your cards here
  4. State of Florida Noxious Weed Field Guide
  5. Brevard County Invasive Plant Booklet
  6. Lygodium Comparison
  7. Old World Climbing Fern - Find it, Report it, Kill it
  8. Florida FWC - Weed Alerts
  9. Cane Grasses of Florida - An Identification Guide
  10. Plants of Retention Ponds and Drainage Ditches: The Greater Daytona Beach Area

Information for Homeowners

  1. Alternative Natives Trifold
  2. Greener Choices - Alternatives to invasive-exotic plants
  3. Herbicide Advice for Homeowners
  4. Explore Your AlterNatives - Plant Substitution Guide for south Florida
  5. Guidelines for Disposal of Terrestrial Invasive Plants

Biological Control

  1. How scientists obtain approval to release organisms for classical biological control of invasive weeds
  2. Florida's established arthropod weed biological control agents and their targets
  3. Air potato leaf beetle, Lilioceris cheni
  4. Classical biological control of Brazilian peppertree (Schinus terebinthifolia) in Florida
  5. Brazilian peppertree seed chalcid, Megastrigmus transvaalensis
  6. Chevroned water hyacinth weevil, Neochetina bruchi Hustache
  7. Salvinia weebil Cyrtobagous salviniae
  8. Tropical soda apple leaf beetle, Gratiana boliviana
  9. Additional information
  10. Tropical Soda Apple Biological Control with Gratiana boliviana

Control Guides

  1. Maintenance strategies for upland invasive plant species in Florida (MacDonald, 2018)
  2. Controlling Invasive Plants in north Florida Forests
  3. Integrated Management of Non-Native Plants in Natural Areas of Florida by K.A. Langeland and R.K. Stocker
  4. Weed Control Methods Handbook (TNC)
  5. A management guide for Invasive Plants in Southern Forests, USDA (2015)
  6. Herbicide application techniques for woody plant control
  7. Fire Management and Invasive Plants: A Handbook by USFWS
  8. Terrestrial Invasive Plants and Fire by Jennifer Fill & Raelene Crandall, Southern Fire Exchange


  1. Air Potato Brochure
  2. Stormwater Pollution
  3. Australian Pine Brochure- "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

Management Plans

  1. Air Potato Management Plant - Second Edition (2014)
  2. Australian Pine Management Plan (2013)
  3. Brazilian Peppertree: Integrated Management Guide (2019)
  4. Brazilian Pepper Management Plan - Second Edition (2006)
  5. Chinese Tallow Management Plan (2005)
  6. Colubrina asiatica - Lather Leaf Management Plan (2007)
  7. Land Manager's Guide to Developing an Invasive Plant Management Plan, 2018. USFWS & Cal-IPC
  8. Lygodium  Management Plan - First Edition (2001)
  9. Lygodium  Management Plan - Second Edition (2006)
  10. Melaleuca Management Plan (2006)

Past Symposias and Proceedings

Teaching Resources

  1. Nurture Nature Activity Booklet
  2. Exotic plant lesson plans (elementary & middle schools)
  3. Traveling Trunk teacher's guide (elementary)
  4. Traveling Trunk teacher's guide (middle school)


  1. Air Potato Biological Control
  2. Waterways Episode - Invasive Australian pine
  3. 1-minute Air Potato Video
  4. 1- minute Australian Pine Video


  1. Mexican-petunia (Ruellia simplex) invasions: management challenges and research opportunities
  2. Ficaria verna quietly naturalizing in the Southeast
  3. Book: Identification and biology of Non-Native Plants in Florida's Natural Areas, Second Edition
    by K.A. Langeland, H.M. Cherry, C.M. McCormick, and K.A. Craddock Burks (2008)
    UF/IFAS Publication # SP 257
  4. Help Protect Florida's Natural Areas from Non-Native Invasive Plants by K.A. Langeland
  5. Florida FWC Invasive Plant Research & Outreach Program Newsletter


The following are no longer produced, but are archived below

  1. Wildland Weeds Magazine
  2. Newsletters