2018 FLEPPC Annual Conference Presentations
Winds of Change

Wednesday, April 4th

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Bethany Bradley, UMass Amherst – Implications of Climate Change for Invasive Species

Plenary Speaker – Dr. C. Ross Hinkle, UCF – Carbon Dynamics of Selected Ecosystems on Managed Conserrvation Areas in the Northern Everglades Watershed

Plenary Speakers – Dr. Alan Franck, USF, Jimmy Lange – The Dynamism of the Florida Flora: Native and Non-Native Range Extensions

Review of Keynote/Plenary Session – LeRoy Rodgers

The ABCs of Invasive Species Organizations – Chuck Bargeron

Thursday, April 5th

Vendor Update – Steve Brewer [Brewer International]

Jim Burney – 2018 Update on the Invasive Plant Management Association (IPMA)

Hillary Cooley – Invasive Plant Operations Summary for the 2017 Everglades Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (ECISMA) Summit

Jennifer Possley – Optimizing Chemical Control for Burma Reed (Neyraudia reynaudiana) in Miami-Dade County Pine Rocklands

Greg Wheeler – Predicting Parasitoid Attack of Potential Brazilian Peppertree Biological Control Agents

Jonathan Glueckert – Herbicide Efficacy Trials and Promising New Herbicide Technologies for Old World Climbing Fern Control

Friday, April 6th

Vendor Update – Todd Olson [Aquatic Vegetation Control]

Vendor Update – Kelli Gladding [SePro]

Keith Mangus and Kelli Gladding – The Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society (FAPMS) Update

Lyn Gettys – Reproductive Potential of Crested Floatingheart (Nymphoides cristata)

Fred Fishel – Water: The Smallest Factor That Makes the Greatest Difference

Ashley O’Neal – Temporal and Regional Patterns in Target FLEPPC Taxa – Presence and Abundance in Florida Lakes

Michael Sowinski – Red Root Floater (Phyllanthus fluitans) Update

Vendor Update – Dan Mixson (Bayer)

Ernie Franke – Communities Come Together to Remove Invasive Trees

FLEPPC BUSINESS MEETING (Prize drawing mid-meeting)

Greg MacDonald – Invasive Plant Management in Natural Areas – Maintenance Interval Plans

Chuck Bargeron – Spatial Invasive Infestation and Priority Analysis (SIIPA) Tool in EDDMapS

Dale Halbritter – Expected Impact and Mass Production of the Thrips Biological Control Agent of Brazilian Peppertree